Excel 2003 + VBA + while giving font color to a text in RGB format

Hi all,

         i have written a windows application which talks to a webservice to retrieve an arraylist.

now when i am trying to retrieve that data i get thi error

Error 1 Cannot implicitly convert type ‘object[]’ to ‘System.Collections.ArrayList’ 

I have gone through a few discussions and now i know why this is  happening. the problem is that you cannot send arraylist because it is not serializable to SOAP

so the program converts it into an array of obj and sends it through the network.

The problem now is how do i convert it back to an arraylist i have tried a couple of things but i either get an error or an exception..

any help would be greatly appreciated….




You need to set the option, When you add web reference there is one button called Advance when you click on that there is one screen display and in that there is drop down for the collectiontype and dictionary collection type. You can choose type  which