Dynamically Setting the property value FilterValue1 of the Content Query WebPart? Inline? codeblock?

I want to dynamically set the FilterValue1 property of a Content by Query to the querystring ID.

I tried to do it with an inline embed FilterValue1=”<%= Reponse.Write .. but no luck

Without having to code my own webpart, any way to change the value with a small C# code block?

How about with javascript?

Thank you!



The code  you’re looking at is server side, so javascript  won’t work since it is client side.We do this all the time, but we do write  a web part to do it. Our web part uses reflection to look at the query  string and then dynamically  set the values of the third party web part we wanted to manipulate. Take a look at this article:http://www.devx.com/dotnet/Article/28315/1954I’d be curious if anyone else has another suggestion.Brian/