Does anyone have the link to the location of where the MS Project 2010 add-in’s can be downloaded?

I am specifically looking for PERT and Copy picture to Office Wizard.

Hello Ellen,I heard at the project  Conference 2009 that the PERT was not included in Project 2010.  I am not sure about the Copy picture.  Have you heard otherwise?I found this link  for a work around, but it is not specific for the Office Wizard.!Michael Wharton, MBA, PMP, MCT/

I knew from the conference that they were supposed to be addins.  In MSP 2010 it shows under options –> addins PERT, Adjust Dates, Copy Picture to Office Wizard, Milestone report and Compare Projects.  Because Compare Projects is a button on

Copy Picture is available under the Options (Back Stage), use the Show All Commands from the drop down.There is a Network Diagram available on the View tab.I believe the PERT durations were dropped.  In reality, I question the value of Optimistic/Most Likely/Pessimistic Gantt charts since those three are actually special cases of a more generalized “Monte Carlo” approach.  For that, products like