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I have a publishing portal with several publishing sub-sites. These site make up many of my companies internal publications. However some of these publications are restricted to managers or supervisors only. I would like to have a single place on our main portal page that aggregates all of the publications together and performs security trimming based on weather the user has access to the sub-site. I have created a dataview that links all of the sources together, but if I try to restrict any one of the subsites I get the error “Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource.” If a user has full permissions to see everything then the dataview works fine. Anyone know how I can security trim the dataview or perhaps security wrap multiple dataviews to restrict which one is shown based on security.

Hi,The Content Query web part would handle the security  trimming for you but I understand that you probably want to use the Data View because of the awesome flexibility over the design time experience. The Data View web part has even more features than thoes that are exposed through SharePoint Designer. You should try the CrossList query mode. See,Ian

I have looked at the Content Query web part and it does handle security  trimming, but it definantly takes away alot of options. However, the real problem is that it can display only one content type and since one of the publications that I am aggregating is an executives blog it doesn’t work for me. Though it was that web part that made me assume that I could do this with ease. I have tested it with multiple folders within the same site that have different security permissions and the security trimming  works but when I try to aggregate sources from subsites the dataview  just fails with an Access denied error.Thanks,Josh

Just in case it would help anyone to see what my current code looks like I’ve posted it below.Code Block                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           @_ModerationStatus,Approval Status;@_ModerationComments,Approver Comments;@FileLeafRef,Name (for use in forms);@Title,Title;@Comments,Description;@PublishingStartDate,Scheduling Start Date;@PublishingExpirationDate,Scheduling End Date;@PublishingContact,Contact;@PublishingContactEmail,Contact E-Mail Address;@PublishingContactName,Contact Name;@PublishingContactPicture,Contact Picture;@PublishingPageLayout,Page Layout;@PublishingRollupImage,Rollup Image;@Audience,Target Audiences;@ContentType,Content Type;@PublishingPageImage,Page Image;@PublishingPageContent,Page Content;@SummaryLinks,Summary Links;@ArticleByLine,Byline;@ArticleStartDate,Article Date;@PublishingImageCaption,Image Caption;@SummaryLinks2,Summary Links 2;@Parallel,Parallel Approval;@Company Scope,Company Scope;@Page Content 1,Page Content 1;@Page Content 2,Page Content 2;@Page Content 3,Page Content 3;@Page Content 4,Page Content 4;@Page Content 5,Page Content 5;@Page Content 6,Page Content 6;@Page Content 7,Page Content 7;@Page Content 8,Page Content 8;@Page Content 9,Page Content 9;@Content Title,Content Title;@Content Title 1,Content Title 1;@Content Title 2,Content Title 2;@Content Title 3,Content Title 3;@Content Title 4,Content Title 4;@Content Title 5,Content Title 5;@Content Title 6,Content Title 6;@Content Title 7,Content Title 7;@Content Title 8,Content Title 8;@Content Title 9,Content Title 9;@Section Heading,Section Heading;@Section Heading 1,Section Heading 1;@Section Heading 2,Section Heading 2;@Section Heading 3,Section Heading 3;@Section Heading 4,Section Heading 4;@Section Heading 5,Section Heading 5;@Section Heading 6,Section Heading 6;@Section Heading 7,Section Heading 7;@Section Heading 8,Section Heading 8;@Section Heading 9,Section Heading 9;@Volume Number,Volume Number;@ID,ID;@Created,Created;@Author,Created By;@Modified,Modified;@Editor,Modified By;@_CopySource,Copy Source;@CheckoutUser,Checked Out To;@_CheckinComment,Check In Comment;@CheckedOutTitle,Checked Out To;@CheckedOutUserId,ID of the User who has the item Checked Out;@FileDirRef,Path;@FSObjType,Item Type;@HTML File Type,HTML File Type;@File Type,File Type;@IsCheckedoutToLocal,Is Checked out to local;@_SourceUrl,Source Url;@_HasCopyDestinations,Has Copy Destinations;@ContentTypeId,Content Type ID;@_UIVersion,UI Version;@Created Date,Created;@FileRef,URL Path;@File Size,File Size;@_UIVersionString,Version;@ParentVersionString,Source Version (Converted Document);@ParentLeafName,Source Name (Converted Document);@TemplateUrl,Template Link;@Page Image 1,Page Image 1;@Article Source,Article Source;@Article Source Url,Article Source Url;@Body,Body;@NumComments,# Comments;@PostCategory,Category;@PublishedDate,Published;@Proofrea,Proofreading Workflow;@Lead,Lead;@Attachments,Attachments;  >” >>” >>” >>” version=”1.0″ exclude-result-prefixes=”xsl msxsl ddwrt” >>” >>” >>” >>” >      '  1    0                 Commas                                                                                                                                                                                          







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