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Does WCF provide a mechanism for controlling the communication priority associated with an endpoint?

I’m not sure I’m asking the right question, so let me attempt to illustrate.

Let’s say I create a WCF service that listens for remote requests to stream a large data file to the client.  When the request is received, the service opens the file and begins streaming the contents to the client’s WCF endpoint.  Let’s say that mid-stream, the client realizes he requested the wrong file and wants to stop the streaming.  Is there a way to indicate that the requests from the client have a higher priority on the network than the stream from the server?

If I were doing this with sockets, I could achieve this by calling SetSocketOption() with the TypeOfService enum.  I would set the file stream to a low priority and “bump” the priority of the client requests.  I realize that WCF has abstracted the complexity associated with low-level network communication.  I’m just wondering if there is a way to achieve this same kind of thing in a WCF-centric manner.


Did you ever get an answer for this?I too have a scenario where I have multiple communications streams open and need to prioritize one over the other (basically, use maximum available bandwidth for one stream  and “fill in the gaps” with the other communications streams.