data flow task – ole db source to records destination and to another table


i have oledb source (using complex query) which insert the records in another table. i want two path, one to insert record in another table and another to records destination becasue records destination i want to use for foreach loop for some other purpose.

so question, is it possible to have two path? if not then is there way i make add two data flow task and use the same source destination in both of them (this way if i make a change in my source destination query it will reflect at both places).



Yes… you need the Multicast transformation to create two flows of data to send to different destinations.Cheers, James/

One word: Multi-Cast transform on the data flow! Self-explanatory.

ok, sounds like there is possibility. i’m new to ssis so not sure how to do multicast, is it possible if you guys could provide little more detail on it? thanks, p