Custom Status Values for Issues List in Project Server 2010

We are using PS 2010.  Our MS partner worked with us to customize the Status values picklist for the Issues log.  I know in PS2003 this was not recommended but they said it would be ok in PS2010.  However, I now notice that the Active Issues value
on our projects is always showing zero.  Could this customization of values have affected this functionality?  If so, can we we modify PS to recognize our custom status values so we can get accurate Active Issues values?

Hi wacNTN,Modifying the value list for the Status field in the Issue list is not recommended. This value list is synchronized. If you modify the value list, synchronisation will not work anymore (in fact, it is sync’ed using the number between brackets in the value

Hi,I just recently came across a post where the user had stuck in a same situation, and his/her only sin was that he has modified the default choices of one of the default issue field. and as a result he end up with exactly the same situation as yours :)so please do not change/modify any of the default fields, neither the choices of the multiple value fields, leave them as is –

Thank you for your answers.   This is exactly how PS2003 worked and I was concerned about making this change.  Our consultant made the change anyway. So, can we modify the status values back to the out of the box values and get the sync working again?  I was concerned it wasn’t the values that it was using but the underlying data record id for each value that was being used for the sync.  Any