Custom Field – SP is creating HyperLinks and using HTML entities


I’m seeking help with a problem related to a custom field in SharePoint 2010.

Our Custom Field builds upon (extends) the SPFieldMultiLineText field. Data saved to our Custom Field is being processed by SharePoint before it is sent to the client. For example < and > is replaced by HTML entities (< and >). Text such
as and [email protected] is automatically being converted to hyper links ([email protected]).

Is it in any way possible to have SharePoint deliver the data as it was stored in the custom field? We don’t want it to replace HTML with HTML entites, nor should it create hyperlinks automatically.

I have attached our XSL file below.

exclude-result-prefixes="xsl msxsl ddwrt"



Any help would be much appriciated – thanks in advance.


Best Regards
Jimmy Thomsen
FlowIT, Denmark

Hello again.After looking at the source code for SPFieldMultiLineText (using the .NET Reflector), I realized that

I managed to solve the problem. The data stored in the field  is HTML encoded, while URLs and e-mail addresses replaced by hyper links is “real” HTML. So it was not a problem  figuring out what links were created by Sharepoint, and what links were

Hi Jimmy,I am currently struggling the same issue. I would really appreciate it if you could post your solition.Thanks in advance,