Create seperate entry in New Project Types in Visual Studio

I want to create a new entry in the Project Types list on Visual Studio 2005. The desired behavior would be for it to not appear under any of the existing entries like Visual C++, Other Languages, or Other Project Types, but for it to be a new, seperate
entry. I already have created a wizard using the IDTWizard interface and vsz and vsdir files that appear under Visual C++, but that is not the desired behavior. If it helps, I create a vcproj file in the code. But it does not seem to affect anything since
if I place the vsz and vsdir files in the VC#CSharpProject my entry would appear under Visual C# as well. But I need it to appear a level above in the tree.

Further, if this can be achieved, I would like to create a custom Add New Item dialog which would contain only my templates rather than existing ones or under My Templates.

If anyone can guide me to a detailed guide about vsz and vsdir files that would be great. I feel it’s just a matter of playing around with those files and placing them in the right folder, but I just can’t seem to figure it out.

Thank you very much in advance.