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I’m trying to remotely debug an ASP.NET application on a production server, from my local environment, without success at all.

Remote server is Windows Server 2003. There are no active Ipsec policies. Windows Firewall is OFF.
I’m connecting to the server through remote desktop, as an admin.
I’m logged in as admin in my local environment too.

I installed “Remote Debug Setup” on the server, the file named “rdbgsetup.exe” you can find in the VS2008 Remote Debugger folder on the cd.

When I run the VS 2008 Remote Debugger Config Wizard on the server, I read this message on the second page of the wizard:
The Windows Firewall is currently blocking remote debugging. The remote debugger (msvsmon.exe) must be allowed to receive information from the network. Remote debugging also requires DCOM and IPSEC be unblocked.

I don’t have a clue how to troubleshot that. As I said firewall is off and no active ipsec policies.
I ignore that label and start the VS2008 remote debugger on the server. Server name “[email protected]_computer

On my local computer (Vista) I start VS2008 > Debug > Attach to process.
Transport: Default | Qualifier: “[email protected]_computer
Click the refresh button and I get the message:

Unable to connect to “[email protected]_computer“. The debugger cannot connect to the remote computer. This may be because the remote computer does not exists or a firewall may be preventing communication to the remote computer.

I’ve read several dozens articles in this subject but none of them helped me particularly.

Look forward to receiving your comments!

Agustin Garzon.

Hi,Check if you can ping one machine from the other one (do this for both machines ). Since you local computer is Vista, you might need to go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center and enable Network Discovery. Also, can you check what happens if you try to re-enable firewall and add remote debugging as exceptions? Here’s a link on how you do it: that this helps,Alina/

Hi there Alina, thanks for your response :)I can ping the server computer, but from the server I can’t ping back my local environment IP address…That sounds strange to me, I can see my IP address in all the server SQL logs, why wouldn’t I be able to ping my computer from the server ?Anyway, Network Discovery, File Sharing and Printer Sharing are turned-on on my local computer. Windows Firewall is off in my local computer (just during the ping tests).Regrettably I can’t re-enable Windows Firewall on the remote computer. It’s a production environment and doing so may break everything away. It may even lock me out of the server.Can we work something out with the info I provided ?Thanks for your time.Sincerely,Agustin Garzon

Hi,You need to be able to access the local machine from the target machine (pinging should work)  – otherwise msvsmon will be unable to talk back to VS.Are the machines in the same doimain? If so, then I believe you should review the network/ and domain settings.If they are not in the same domain, the there are more setup steps : , that this helps,Alina