Connecting iRobot Create ePort with PC Serial Port


I want to connect iRobot Create’s female ePort with PC Serial male Port. My question is can we connect it indirectly as iRobot Command Module Owner’s Manual states that they can not be connected directly. After connection, I want to send a simple signal/message that replaces/duplicates a play button’s work. I would appriciate your suggestions.

The Create should have come with a serial cable that is specifically designed for this purpose.Trevor /

Thank you for replying.Yes, it comes with two cables; one for USB port and other one for serial port, however, serial port cable’s one end connects with the computer serial port however the other end connects with create mini din 7 pin port and not with ePort. However, I want to know if we can connect with Create’s ePort.

Sorry, my mistake, I did not read your question carefully enough. The ePort does not have RS-232 level signals. You can probably use a TTL to RS-232 converter, but why do you want to do this instead of using the 7-pin serial port?Trevor