Commerce server 2009 installation: After installing the second CD, can’t add Business Management app


I have to add catalog manager to an existing Commerce Server 2009 Core Components (CD1 and CD2 are already successfully installed).

The catalog manager in the CD1 (CS2007) and when I try to install it, in installer complains about the Version of the commerce server. Apparently, once the CD2 update
is installed none of CD1 items can be added.

How can I add catalog manager to the existing core CS09 installation?

Thank you,


Hi Allan,After you have installed the 2nd CS (i.e Commerce Server 2009) you would not be able to install if of the components from the 1st CD.For doing so, you have to Uninstall “Commerce Server 2009”, Install the components from CD 1 and install CS 2009 ( from 2nd CD) RegardsRajendra Dewani/