Checkout and Checkout during build using TFS 2010 using build process template

Is there a way to insert a “checkout”, “undo” or “checkin” action using the build process template – xaml File?

The first action I wanted to customize in the tfs build, is checkout all referenced libs so that the post build events (xcopy target.dll libreferencefolder) of each project in the solution can copy their output files to the lib reference


The easiest way to implement this is to use the tf.exe command line tool ( can invoke this using the InvokeProcess activity, passing in the necessary parameters.Hope that helps

I used “attrib” to remove the read-only-attributes instead of checking out the files, but the hint with “InvokeProcess” was helpfull. Allthough I have to say that “Checkin”, “Checkout” … should also be selectable activities out of the box.Further: The designer is terribly slow compared to the rest of visual studio …