Chart Controls issue within Website – Object Not Set To An Instance


Any help on this would be great.

I’ve tried implementing the Chart controls onto my current site however I am running into some issues. As soon as I drag/drop a chart onto my webpage the actual chart does not load however I receive a error message stating that object could not be set to
an instance (or something fairly similiar).

I cannot run my site when it is live as it keeps displaying a page could not be found issue. Additionally, I have noticed that when I add the following the lines of code to my web.config file it displayed the same ‘page could not be found’ message as earlier:


Ive inherited the site from another person with the site mainly created in .asp however I am slowly creating new .aspx pages (chart controls are on the .aspx page) however I still cannot get it to work.

Can someone please help especially with the web.config as it would save a lot time.

Thanks for all the help.


I’ve done some further research and it seems that there seems to be an error  binding/loading the assemblies. Could someone help  as to why the assemblies would not load  in a live  environment.Thanks.Jas/