Change the font of all controls (forms, labels, textboxes, etc) in the project


I have a project with lots of forms in there with the default font property of Microsoft Sans Serif, 8.25pt

How do I change the font for all forms to let’s say Tahoma, 8.25pt without changing it manually per form?



If you show all files and open the designer code of the forms  you could set the font  there on each control fairly quickly using copy/paste.For future projects I learned a trick a few years ago.  Create an inherited control of all the controls  you use like labels, textboxes, buttons, etc.  Then in the base class when you change  something like font all the controls in your project  now

Note that most controls  “inherit” their fonts from the form  so if you haven’t explicitly set fonts for the labels, text boxes, etc. then at least you only have to change  them for the forms.RodVisual Basic 2010 Programmer’s Reference