Cannot change excel chart bars color(not cell color) programatically using c#

I didn’t find any resource helps me to change the color of excel chart bar as each bar color will give the user more visual effects of the status of this bar.


excel cells

A            B
Case1    70%
Case2    10% 

based on the value for each case i want to set the chart bar color of related value.

case1 bar color should be (green) as it is above 50%
case2 bar color should be (red) as it is under 50%

……….I know how i can do it from excel it self…..
But i need to do this in runtime as i’m rendering this excel sheet in c# application.
is it something related to “xlarea” ??


Hope you must have got the answer to your question by now 🙂 anyway following is one of the solution:Select the range of the cells of the sheetMicrosoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range range = worksheet.get_Range(string.Format(“A{0}”,x.ToString()), string.Format(“D{0}”,x.ToString()));To change  color range.Interior.ColorIndex = 1 //Choose ur choice of numberSimilar for borderrange.Borders.ColorIndex = 2;This is for the range you have selected. For particular cell  do some research on it.

As per the title – BAR not CELL.