Can you please provide good tutorial web site for MFC C++?


I am new to MFC C++. But i already working with C#.

I search with google about MFC C++ tutorials. But i am not get the result as good and easy to understand.

Can you provide tutorials site with the easy step to understand and learn MFC C++. I have less amount of time to learn. I do not want to spend more time with the theory. I want to make code with MFC C++.

So please guide me guys.


I search  with google  about MFC C++ tutorials. But i am not get the result  as good  and easy  to understand.

I agree with David’s suggestion about going through the Scribble Tutorital.  There is an updated version if you are using the newer VC++ (2008 or 2010): seems kind of tedious to just go through the steps, but it is worth is to do it, maybe even twice or three times.You should also feel free to ask any questions you have here.  No questions are too dumb to ask :o)Also look on or

Hi David/ Tom,Thanks for your suggestion. Actually i dont know anything in MFC C++. Even i am not familiar with keywords and syntax also. So i need the very good  tutorials which help to guide  the syntax and purpose of the syntax and step  by step tutorials  like