Building Conditional Linq to SQL query with OR operator

I’ve been trying to find out how to build a linq statement that works as a conditional OR, something like the following that produces OR instead of AND so that I can build a search from multiple text fields which may or may not be blank. Would appreciate
any ideas.

var results = from i in iRepository.FindAll()
  select i;
  if (a != "")
  results= results.Where(r => r.A.Contains(a));
  if (b != "")
  results= results.Where(r => r.B.Contains(b));
  if (c != "")
  results = results.Where(r => r.C.Contains(c));            
 return View(results);

Could you describe your scenario, also read this on using or instead of and

Linq-to-SQL has a nice built-in feature where it eliminates whatever can be eliminated client-side from queries.You can write the above ‘and’ example as:var results  =

This seems to be the answer through reviewing this thread and the information at