BeginJoin, BeginTransfer APIs cause the CallState.Terminated event fired


From an application endpoint i dial a sip uri. Then i am escalating this call to the conference using BeginJoin and BeginTransfer APIs. This cases the
CallState.Terminated event fired. Whereas the call does not really terminate as MS Communicator shows the call active.


Prasad,Please have a look following links. I hope it helps.Thanks to Michael author of the following links.

Hi,From an application  endpoint i dial  a sip  uri. Then i am escalating this call  to the conference  using BeginJoin and BeginTransfer APIs. This cases  the

Hi,That is what exactly happening. So a call  transfered on McuSession conference  is terminated, hence the call object also becomes invalid.One more doubt. If I take out the call from the conference using BeginEject, will that simly take out the call from the conference and remain active  or the call will get disconnected.Thanks.