Avg Test time is long and keeps rising though the Avg page time is stable and short

Hi, I am using VSTS 2008 to perform stress testing to my site.

I set the Goal Based Load Pattern which has the target is server processor time ranging 70 to 90. The user count limit is Maxinum 200.

After I’ve run the test for about 10 min, the user load stays stably in 200. The average page response time is about 0.3 second. As I tried to visit the pages manually, the request also only need to take within 1 second. 

However, the Test Time keeps increasing stably after the test run being started. For one senario which include a ‘GET’ WebTestRequst and a ‘POST’ WebTestRequest, the two page time is all within 0.5 sec. Initailly, the test time is only 2 seconds,  however,
The test time is 10 sec after the load test running 20 mins and 15 sec after the test running half an hour.

I think that is why the RPS can only reach as high as 50 to 60 though the user load is already 200. I think it’s why it also leads to that the processor time can not reach target 70 to 90. Instead, the processor time can only reach as high as 50 in
the server.

Since we have short page response time. Is there anyone know why the test time is so long and keeps rising. What’s the test times spent on? Is there anyway to lower the test time that I can get a higher RPS and higher server CPU time.





Hello,The cause varies. While the load test  running 20 mins or half an hour, if you manually browse the requests, do they work well?Are there any error messages while running load test? Could you please verify whether the memory usage of server machine while running load test is still under 80%?In addition, usually only 200 virtual users will not lead to 70%-90% process utilization, you may increase the value for Maximum User Count to reach the desired utilization.There is a new feature named ‘saving test logs’ in VS2010 which makes it easier to debug problems that occur when running tests within a load test that do not occur when running the same tests outside the context of a load test. Here you can refer: