Autocomplete statement Not Working in Visual Studio 2010

Hi ,

I have just installed VS 2010 Premium on my Windows Vista Machine. 

I noticed that in VS2008 when I typed for eg ” Public property MyProperty() as string ” and pressed the enter

I was getting automatically the expected result. Meaning by that , that VS2008 was generating for me the rest of the code.

getting the below.

Public Property MyProperty() As String

        End Get
        Set(ByVal value As String)

        End Set
    End Property


In Visual Studio 2010 I am not getting this anymore. What happened ? Is this feature still working in VS 2010 ?

What should I do to enable this ?

Anyone ?/

Hi Zakkar,

In addition to what YiChun said you can still get the expanded property declaration, which you might want if you intend to code some logic in the Get and Set. See