all validators programatically executed when page is loaded

Can i run all validators when page is loaded. I need to show * in all input text fields that are necessary. I have require field validators for that fields, can i run it by default when page is loaded?

I don’t think this is possible.  The purpose of the control is to display information after you’ve validated, not before.You could always put a red asterisk next to the label, then have your RFV display separate error text  elsewhere when the user tries to validate.Another alternative is to use JavaScript to detect when the RFV has been displayed.  It’s not really a difficult task.Other than that, maybe you could experiment with the CustomValidator ( <~They give an example of how to use it client-side.)

Hitry to use somehing Like this : if (!IsPostBack)

You can call Page_ClientValidate() at the end of your page.Snippet<%@ Page Language="C#"%>