Adding CustomAction to DispForm dialog using SPUserCustomAction


I have a hard time understanding all the different locations etc. when adding a custom action to the DispForm ribbon of a list item. I’m using the SPUserCutomAction approach.

Normally on a list item disp form modal dialog you have a “Manage” and a “Actions” section. What I want is to either place a link/button on the “Actions” section or create a new section to place my “action”. I have used different locations, but have not
successfully placed my action correctly.

I have placed it in the context menu in the list view and in a new tab on the disp form ribbon called “Custom Commands”, but I would really like it right there on the front of the disp form ribbon.

Hope you can help me ūüôā


No one knows how to do this?¬†—¬†

I ripped the following code from Chris O’Brien here modify it to have a location of Ribbon.ListForm.Display.Actions.Controls._children¬†and the button should be in the Actions groupScot¬† SP.UI.Notify.addNotification(‘Hello from the notification area’); “

Although the